How To Deal Bullying

This is an important time to step up and be an advocate for your child, they are going to require your absolute support during this stressful period. The school will often ask the victim if they did anything to add to the situation, your child will be cross-examined, usually by the school principal. The school wants to get the situation resolved quickly and to get someone to apologize to the other party, so everybody can move on. Your child needs to be strong as they retell, and relive, what was done to him by the bully.

Record Everything that Happened

Bullies are smart enough to terrorize their victims away from teachers, making catching bullies in the act a difficult task. Help the school out by recording everything that occurred, the date, the time it happened, where in the school the incident occurred. This can be can challenge as l youngsters frequently don’t completely grasp what has happened, or they might not have seen the whole circumstance, just a bit of the bullying episode. Parents will have to through what happened with their child to record everything accurately. An option some parents have used to videotape the bully, and then send the video tape to the school via a private YouTube link. Check out the laws in your state regarding video recording, as state laws may be preventative.

Notify the school of the following:

  • Who was there when your child was being bullied?
  • Who was the instigator?
  • What did the bullies say to your child?
  • What did they say to you?
  • Was your child physically hurt
  • How did it make your child feel?
  • Where and when did it take place?
  • How did your child respond?

School Protocols and Policy

In the event that your kid’s school has a set of principles regarding conduct, review the document and look for any violation of the school code of conduct. When you compose your complaint letter to the school, you can express that the bullying is plainly disregarding the school’s guidelines, forcing the school to take action. The school has an obligation to respond when somebody has negated the school rules. Children have a right to a safe place to learn and a bully-free environment.

If your child is being bullied it can be an overwhelming feeling for the parents. It is important to stay focused on the task at hand of helping your child out of a situation they are unable to fix for themselves. Write a list of key points to discuss with the school, when you go into the office to talk to the principal make sure you are not rambling, stay focused on your key points. Before you go to the meeting have an action based request, what kind of support you would like to see from the school. How is the situation going to be handled and how is the school going to keep your child safe.