Know the Signs of a Toxic Relationship to be able to Avoid One

Except in very rare situations, everyone has control of the people they choose for romantic relationships. This can be hard to accept for people whose relationships are toxic. A toxic relationship is characterized by lack of control. This could be control over where a person goes and who they talk to or even control over how they feel. Unfortunately, many people never learned that they have complete control over their own emotions. They hand that power over to the person they get involved with and then feel like a victim when that person doesn’t make them happy.

It’s important to know the signs of a toxic relationship in order to avoid one. The problem is, toxic relationships start out like any other. It isn’t until the relationship faces a challenge that the person who doesn’t have control over their own emotions will start looking to their partner for validation of their feelings. They may appear to be insecure and there won’t be much their partner can do to ease their fears. No matter how much they try, a person in a relationship with someone who holds them responsible for their emotions won’t be able to satisfy them for long.

Despite the low points in a toxic relationship, the potential for highs causes many people to stay. The reason good days seem spectacular is because the bad days are so bad. In a healthy relationship, one good day doesn’t make much of a difference because people do not allow their partner to determine whether they are going to be happy or not, nor do they try to control their partner’s happiness. Once a person recognizes they are in a bad relationship, they may hesitate to leave because of the way it will make the other person feel.

Obviously, toxic relationships should be avoided. Ideally, a person will recognize the signs and avoid getting deeply involved with someone who doesn’t have control over their emotions. Regardless of whether a person loves them, they aren’t likely to be able to change them. These people have to see what is going on themselves and make an effort to form more positive relationships if they are ever going to be truly happy.