Guide To Use Diapers When Travelling

Contrary to common belief, traveling with cloth diapers isn’t that complicated. In fact, there are many benefits of choosing the cloth way.

• The change in environment can irritate your baby and by choosing disposables, something which she isn’t comfortable in, can really irk the baby’s mood (and result in not-so-much amazing trip)

• Plus, if your baby is used to cloth diapers from the beginning, the sudden change can cause irritation and rashes.

• Most of us parents choose reusable diapers for its affordability. And while traveling, the cost of buying disposables can get exorbitant. So, if you want to stick with cheaper options, pack your reusable diapers with you.

• Choosing cloth will soothe your eco-conscious mind, even if it’s a bit of work.

Using cloth diapers while on a vacation can be a simple, easy process. Here are some useful tips to help you sail through your cloth diapering journey while on the go.

Understand your Traveling Plan

Before you begin thinking about reusable diapers, you need to understand the situation you will be in. How many days is the trip for? Are you traveling by car or plane? Will you have laundering options, or you need to use your hotel bathroom? If you are staying at a friend’s place, are they okay with you washing the cloth diapers in their machine?

What to Pack

Cloth Diapers & Diaper covers

First things first, figure out how many reusable diapers does your baby need in a day. Next, think about how often you would wash the cloth diapers and for how many days you’d be gone. It’s best to wash them once in 3 days. Depending on this calculation, pack your reusable diapers.

Pocket diapers are very comfy while traveling, all with their breathable fibers. Also, if you use disposable liners, it’s very easy to clean soiled diapers without staining them. AIOs and Hybrid diapers are also great choices.

But if washing your cloth diapers seems to be a little tricky, then flats and prefolds are your best bet. You can easily wash them in your bathroom tub or sink.

Note: Don’t forget about nighttime diapering. Pocket diapers and diapers with fleece liners are great for heavy wetters.

Pack at least 4-5 diaper covers for a 5-day trip.

Wet bags

Grab all the wet bags you have. They come quite handy. Have one large wet bag for your dirty reusable diapers. Have at least 3-4 small tote bags. So when you are out-and-about, you can just carry few cloth diapers instead of taking the heavier lot.

Wet bags are great for storing dirty clothes, swim wear and electronics. So the more wet bags the better.

Other Cloth Diaper Accessories

Whether you want to use cloth or disposable wipes, make sure you have an ample supply of wipes. Fleece liners and inserts are the next on your list. Also, carry your own detergent. If you are sure about using the washing machine, get the right detergent.

Be Realistic

The most important part is to be realistic. Can you handle the situation? If not, don’t shy away from mixing both cloth and disposables.