All About Brain Development For Your Baby

Some individuals might find it very interesting or challenging to interact with infants since they cannot do much yet. But if you are more focused on ensuring that they will develop optimally as well as secure a huge advantage in life, there are indeed a lot of activities that you can and must do with them.

Some find these activities very enjoyable since it is like you have a very dedicated audience all the time; however, one excellent benefit that can be obtained from these activities is how they can greatly support brain development in infants.

Activities You Can Do With Your Child

Reading Stories – When you’re reading to your child even before he was born, then you need to do so even more now that he can see and feel you. And as you read stories, you must show him the very colourful pictures in the books. Though his interest might not last long, you can trust that exposure will have an impact on the memory of your child.

Making Music – You can use the items your child normally uses like his spoon, toys and bowl to make music. This will help you in introducing the idea that there are things that don’t have one function when manipulated in a completely different way.

Sensory Game – You can introduce materials to your body. These include pillow books, stuffed animals, wooden blocks and musical instruments. Let him touch as well as listen to these items. Bear in mind that the sensory experience will help create an imprint on his brain – something that can help him with association as his brain development progresses.

Product Demonstration – Give your child different props like your phone, comb, rattle, cup and spoon. At first, you must orient him the right use of every object and then praise him when he is able to copy what you have demonstrated. If you do such, you will be teaching him that things have their own names and specific purpose.

Name Game – Even when your child can’t speak very clearly, making him repeat the names of people and things will indeed help improve his memory bank.

Discovery Game – Place different things in a box and just leave it in front of your kid. Make sure though that he will not put anything in his mount. This will be an excellent sensory experience for him. Also, this will be a great opportunity to see the items he naturally inclines to.